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Login with MedHub Credentials

Login with Login with MedHub institutions who have enrolled to use ResQ can now login to the app using their MedHub credentials. Once a resident downloads the app from the App Store and enters their MedHub username and MedHub “Passkey” to login to the app, their hours...

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Ignore Duty Hours At Home

Ignore Duty Hours at Home From time to time we hear from residents that hours are inadvertently recording while they are at home. This can occur based on a residents proximity to a WorkZone™ where they don’t actually work. If a user encounters this experience, it can...

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How We Revolutionized Work Hours With The MedHub Integration

WorkZones™ Are Virtual Boundaries Adoption of location technology throughout the United States continues to increase each year. When location information is used properly, and privacy is preserved, it adds incredible value to a user’s experience. The ResQ app...

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ResQ Wellness Score™ Measures Program Health

The most effective way to document work hours The medical education space is continually changing.  In today’s faced paced and quickly expanding medical education world, demands and responsibilities upon residents and administrators continue to increase. Everyone is...

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ResQ Launches Wellness Score™ To Monitor Burnout

ResQ Wellness Score™ Measures Program Health The ResQ Wellness Score™ is a proprietary algorithm estimating the level of resident burnout due to accumulated work hours, shift duration, and the duration of breaks between shifts. Based on the score generated to monitor...

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