MedHub Integration

ResQ integrates seamlessly with MedHub and can be set up within minutes. 

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Record With ResQ, Submit With MedHub

Record work hours automatically with ResQ. Simply sign into the ResQ app once and let it do the work. The ResQ app automatically senses arrival and departure from any hospital and records those hours. After ResQ records, the hours automatically sync to the work hours module within MedHub. Once the hours are in MedHub, residents can easily Review, Edit and Submit in MedHub. Spend two minutes, every two weeks.

Reduce Administrative Workload

Reduce the administrative burden of handling resident work hours and increase your productivity level. Because work hours sync to MedHub in real-time, administrators can mitigate issues and potential violations before they occur. Be confident with the reports presented to the ACGME during ACGME site visits. 

“It takes 95% of the work of logging duty hours off of me. It makes it incredibly easy to log in at the end of the week, make a few adjustments or corrections, and then submit!”

“I have been using the ResQ app since the beginning and I think it’s an extremely useful app…It makes my life a little easier especially because it tracks your time at ALL of the main sites we work at as residents.”

“ResQ is revolutionizing the way that resident work hours are tracked and understood.”

Using ResQ “is like putting the ADT sign out on the front lawn” when it comes to addressing questions or concerns about work hours during ACGME site visits.

“I personally am a huge fan of the app. It makes logging hours a one-click task, and I like not having to think about it.”

All of the trainees who are using the product have reported ease in use and decrease in stress since duty hours logging is “one more thing”

“Without question, ResQ simplified as both a resident and fellow by alleviating my inbox of numerous email “reminders” to log my duty hours from program directors.”