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ResQ automatically records work hours which are directly synced to MedHub. Implement your institution in minutes and join satisfied MedHub customers already using this feature.


A Game Changer For Residents

ResQ redefines the industry standard for work hour collection. ResQ is the smarter way to record and document work hours. Now, hospitals and clinics can sense a physicians arrival.  ResQ  automates the work hours process. No computer log-in, punch card, or action is required. Simply enter any predefined location with an iPhone and work hours record automatically. If you are a  customer, click here to learn more about how you can eliminate the need to manually enter work hours. 


Eliminate the burden of work hour collection. Enhance well-being and work-life balance and do something else with the time you save.



Eliminate inaccurate retrospective recall while staying focused on education and patient care. Spend more time learning and practicing medicine.


You’re in control of the app. Residents have full visibility to all WorkZone boundaries and all location data resides on the device. Use Away Mode to disable automatic work hour logs at any time.



Gain insight to your work hours. See how your hours and shifts stack up to your colleagues across your program and all residency programs at your institution.



Be notified when you are approaching ACGME work hour limits.


Record with ResQ, Submit with MedHub. Spend just two minutes, every two weeks on work hours.

An Administrators Dream

ResQ eliminates the administrative burden associated with work hour reporting. Administrators can now focus their daily efforts on other tasks because ResQ eliminates the process of data entry and provides real-time visibility of work hours to aid with compliance.



Stay ACGME compliant without the administrative burden and hassle of micro-managing residents.



Be confident with work hour information when it comes to questions or concerns during ACGME site visits.


We get it, residents and administrators are busy. ResQ increases productivity and makes recording and documenting work hours a one-click task.



Gain insight to programs and residents to find patterns in work hours and potential violations across PGY’s, Programs and WorkZones.



Stay proactive and mitigate issues and potential violations before they occur.


Integrate with MedHub. Implementation takes a few minutes. Once residents sign-in to the app they can “set it and forget it”.   


Dashboard provides an overview of the entire app in a single screen. Quickly view daily and weekly hours, current WorkForce status, the number of users who are currently IN or OUT of WorkForce and all of the WorkZones that ResQ monitors within your institution.


WorkTime™  is a revolutionary feature that automatically records and documents work hours using an iPhone.  Residents are always in control and can use Away Mode to disable the automated recording if they enter a WorkZone for non work related reasons.


ResQ simplifies hospital providers’ lives with WorkForce™.  Use WorkForce to identify where other are and connect with them. You’ll always know who is Inside or Outside of a WorkZone™ just by looking at your phone. Junior residents can use WorkForce to identify who is nearby to assist with a consult or procedure.


Create a virtual boundary around any location, called a WorkZone. WorkZones can be created within minutes, and there is no limit to the number of WorkZones that can be created. 

ResQ Wellness Score™

Monitor Resident and Program Wellness Automatically.

The ResQ Wellness Score™ is a proprietary algorithm estimating the level of resident wellness and potential burnout due to accumulated work hours, shift duration, and the duration of breaks between shifts. This data is collected and analyzed automatically by the ResQ system. 

QMeet™ Meeting Manager

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Sync To MedHub

Improving Well-Being

Through Automation & Innovation

Hours Recorded automatically

Average Shift Length (Hrs)

Shifts Recorded Automatically

From Our users

“It takes 95% of the work of logging duty hours off of me. It makes it incredibly easy to log in at the end of the week, make a few adjustments or corrections, and then submit!”

“I have been using the ResQ app since the beginning and I think it’s an extremely useful app…It makes my life a little easier especially because it tracks your time at ALL of the main sites we work at as residents.”

“ResQ is revolutionizing the way that resident work hours are tracked and understood.”

Using ResQ “is like putting the ADT sign out on the front lawn” when it comes to addressing questions or concerns about work hours during ACGME site visits.

“I personally am a huge fan of the app. It makes logging hours a one-click task, and I like not having to think about it.”

All of the trainees who are using the product have reported ease in use and decrease in stress since duty hours logging is “one more thing”

“Without question, ResQ simplified as both a resident and fellow by alleviating my inbox of numerous email “reminders” to log my duty hours from program directors.”

In the news

ResQ Wellness Score™ Measures Program Health

ResQ Wellness Score™ Measures Program Health The ResQ Wellness Score™ is a proprietary algorithm estimating the level of resident burnout due to accumulated work hours, shift duration, and the duration of breaks between shifts. Based on the score generated to monitor...

ResQ Launches Wellness Score™ To Monitor Burnout

ResQ Launches Wellness Score™ To Monitor Burnout The ResQ Wellness Score™ is designed to monitor resident burnout by accessing conditions of their personal health. Statistics show that burnout is the most prevalent issue facing current physicians. A 2018 Forbes...

ResQ Medical Partners With Kaiser Permanente, Northern California

ResQ Medical is proud to partner with Kaiser Permanente, Northern California to deploy its location automation platform which automatically records work hours for residents. Kaiser Permanente joins a growing list of teaching institutions that have selected ResQ...

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