ResQ Medical has recently hired on Appster, an Australian based mobile app developer known for ground-breaking technology and innovative development. Their expertise and creativity is a perfect match for ResQ’s cutting-edge ideas and automation for hospital staffs. 

Appster just received well-deserved praise from Forbes in an article commending their new presence in the Silicon Valley. The article goes on to say, “Appster is passionate about lifting stellar ideas off the ground.” 

ResQ Medical is proud to be one of those “stellar ideas” and even received a mention in the Forbes article. 

“…by moving to Silicon Valley, Appster is looking to compete in the big leagues where people just as young and ambitious are plenty.  Entrepreneurs are more sophisticated and the projects more diverse and challenging.  In the U.S., there tends to be more medical and hardware integrated projects spinning up.

One example of an early U.S. project is for an app called ResQ Medical. It’s a system that tracks staff in hospitals to keep a log of their hours spent in the hospital, it also provides them with a communication system that is HIPAA compliant.”

Read the rest of the article HERE and check out Appster HERE