PagerDid you know that, on average, 15% of hospital staff’s time in any given day is spent looking for doctors? That means out of a typical 10 hour shift, an entire hour and a half is spent simply looking for a doctor’s physical location. Over the course of a year (assuming 40 hour work weeks), a hospital employee spends 312 hours searching for doctors! 

The reason for this has a lot to do with hospitals lack of up to date technology and communication. You’d think that hospital systems, the intuitions that keep us healthy and safe, would be as cutting edge as the medicine they practice. However, it’s quite the opposite. Most hospitals use antiquated technology, namely pagers, as a key way of communicating within the hospital. 

Enter ResQ Medical! The ResQ system was designed with exactly this problem in mind. ResQ’s patented technology uses location based software, allowing hospital staff, nurses, residents, and attendings to find each other and communicate within seconds. 

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