We are excited to announce that ResQ is rebranding. Our new logo represents growth, opportunity, and the future.

ResQ Medical’s solution to automate resident work hours is a first within the healthcare industry. Our technology allows us to deliver a high-level of location accuracy without the battery drain. The ResQ brand encompasses time, location, and automation – and our new logo reflects that.

Every industry is beginning to use automated solutions. ResQ is an innovative, automated solution that is improving quality, efficiency, and reducing costs within the healthcare industry.

In the next few years, a physician’s drive home from the hospital will be fully automated with hands-free behind the wheel. Imagine that time being spent opening a webpage to manually log hours the physician just worked. Wouldn’t that be ironic? With ResQ technology, it would be unnecessary.

At ResQ, we are excited and encouraged to be partnering with healthcare systems across the country that are adopting automation and taking advantage of it. Our new logo represents our strong commitment to building innovative solutions that strengthen the healthcare industry.