The ResQ Privacy Promise

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Your Logs, Your Data

ResQ Medical was designed with resident privacy in mind. We are driven to provide tools to simplify the administration of medical education, so you can spend more time learning medicine.

We want our users to understand that the specific location information ResQ uses to automatically determine your entry and exit time resides entirely on your phone and is not transmitted to ResQ. ResQ never sees this information. The only information sent from your phone to our servers is the name of the WorkZone, the time you arrive and the time you leave. You still have the ability to edit those times  prior to submitting them.

We’ve built ResQ with complete transparency and you can see every WorkZone that is part of your hospital or program by clicking the “WorkZones” tab. Click the name of the WorkZone name to display the coordinates of the WorkZone. Rest assured that your data, is your data. Your privacy, is private.

How ResQ Medical Respects Your Privacy:

  • We only record work hours.
  • We will never see your specific location information unless you send it to us in a help ticket.

  • Any data we collect is for you and your institution only, what you do with it is up to you.

  • We keep our system as transparent as possible; you see where your hours will be logged.

  • We constantly work to improve privacy features and your control of your data.

  • We will never sell your duty hours, not even aggregated. Our passion is to make things simple, that’s what we like to do.

Benefits of using ResQ Medical:

  • Reduce time spent doing paperwork; increase time learning medicine, relaxing, enjoying family, or sleeping.

  • Protects you from repercussions of not submitting hours or submitting incorrect hours.

  • Help you connect with co-workers in real time; know who is available and who isn’t. This means less time searching for colleagues or waiting for a returned page, and more time with patients.

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