A recent article in Orthopedics Today, published on Healio.com, takes an in depth look at technology’s influence on the next generation of orthopedic surgeons. 
The article details the need for technology and efficiency in residency programs in order to comply with work hour restrictions. These restrictions have forced programs to make the most of the 80 hours given each week to residents to learn and practice medicine. 
“Orthopedic residency programs are currently producing a group of orthopedic surgeons unlike any other. Today’s residents rely less on the traditional textbook and more on technology, they learn more surgical skills through simulation and they work within strict work-hour restrictions — all of which have affected residency program curricula and teaching styles.” 
The ResQ Medical app is exactly what the health industry needs to complement the already tech-savvy teaching styles of residency programs. Residents are well versed in technology and rely upon it to study and learn medicine; why not continue to simplify their lives as with ResQ?
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