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How We Revolutionized Work Hours With The MedHub Integration

The most effective way to document work hours The medical education space is continually changing.  In today’s faced paced and quickly expanding medical education world, demands and responsibilities upon residents and administrators continue to increase. Everyone is...

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ResQ Wellness Score™ Measures Program Health

ResQ Wellness Score™ Measures Program Health The ResQ Wellness Score™ is a proprietary algorithm estimating the level of resident burnout due to accumulated work hours, shift duration, and the duration of breaks between shifts. Based on the score generated to monitor...

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ResQ Launches Wellness Score™ To Monitor Burnout

ResQ Launches Wellness Score™ To Monitor Burnout The ResQ Wellness Score™ is designed to monitor resident burnout by accessing conditions of their personal health. Statistics show that burnout is the most prevalent issue facing current physicians. A 2018 Forbes...

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Preserving Privacy: The Core of the ResQ Algorithm

Is ResQ Tracking Me? Is ResQ Tracking Me? That is a question we get a lot from first time users of the ResQ app. Already working long hours and odd shifts, some trainees respond defensively to the idea of installing an app that automatically records their time in the...

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ResQ Enhances The WorkTime™ Feature

ResQ Enhances WorkTime™ Screen ResQ Enhances WorkTime™ Screen The latest update of the ResQ app (V1.22.7) features a redesigned WorkTime™ screen that enhances the user interface and now allows users the ability to Add, Edit, and Delete logs and WorkZones from within...

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App Update

Download The Latest Version Download The Latest Version We just released a new version of the app! Make sure you update to the latest version of the ResQ app, version 1.21.4. This latest version enhances our location algorithm to be more robust to older iPhones with...

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Changes To iOS 11 Location Services

Best Practices For ResQ Users Best Practices For ResQ Users Apple’s latest software update, iOS 11, brings a significant change to Location Services permissions. The change was actually implemented in iOS 10.3.3 but will make an impact once iOS 11 is released. Prior...

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